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Bike Fitting



Bike Fitting Service

A bike that is fitted correctly will increase your performance, comfort and enjoyment.


' A good bike fit is the most effective performance upgrade for your ride.'

Craig Alexander
2011 Ironman World Champion

The Retul 3D motion capture bike fitting system uses infra-red LEDS placed on the rider at specific biomechanical reference points. A 3D scanner measures the location of each LED 29 times per second whilst the rider is in motion and under load. The accuracy of each measurement is to within a millimetre.

Typically the measurements are taken over a 15 second period from the side and the front simultaneously. The resulting data informs the fitter of the most realistic body position and pedal stroke the rider adopts whilst riding for real on the road or trail.

Such detailed data enables the fitter to adjust and tailor your bike to fit your body's optimal biomechanical range. This reduces stress on joints and enables muscles to work with maximum efficiency.

Unlike static fits this dynamic assessment gives feedback as to how the body reacts and interacts in biomechanical motion. This results in, quite simply, a better bike fit.

British Cycling, the Sky cycling team, and many pro mountain bike riders and triathletes choose Retul as their bike fit system.

James comes from a background in Physical Education that has included teaching and leading mountain bike sessions and expeditions. A keen triathlete, he has raced most of the UK's classics as well as Ironman New Zealand and Ironman UK events.


Retul Bike Fit on an existing bike £170 or £150 with discount*

A second bike fitted in the same session for £90 or £80 with discount*


Bike Fits are available to all, and take place at the University of Essex Human Performance Unit and we are able to offer a mobile service travelling out to visit clubs and groups.

The bike fit on your existing bike includes;

• Warm up and Q and A around your history and goals
• Flexibility assessment
• Initial 3D motion captures left and right of your cycling position
• Discussion around your current position and proposed changes if required. Agreed adjustments to the bike and pedal to foot interface toward achieving the optimum cycling position.
• On going 3D motion captures left and right until the cycling position is optimised and settled upon
• Video of the cycling position before and after
• Twelve detailed measurements of the bike set up that has achieved the optimum position
• Compilation of a fit report containing fit notes, bike measurements, bio-mechanic data, photos before and after.
• After care service with feedback and follow up, if required



Best Fit/Best Bike/Best Price

Available in; Colchester, Essex and in London at the Redbridge Cycling Centre


A Using Retul fit technology and a certified experienced bike fitter the service finds you the best bike from the shop retail, online retail or second hand sale marketplace.

Using the Retul Muve SL, Motion Capture and proven fit protocols the fitter gets you into your optimum position on the Muve SL. The Muve SL can be adjusted to replicate the geometry and sizing of a bike you may be interested in, so make, model, size and type of bike can be tried on the Muve SL before you buy.



The fitter can determine the correct bike for your need, body type, flexibility, core strength, body’s motion and budget.


During the fitting process you can also try different saddles, cranks lengths, stems, handlebars, shoes, insoles, pedal to foot interventions and pedal systems to ensure every piece of detail is right for you.


After the fit you will go away with a selection of bikes that specifically suit you. Find your best bike at the best price.


This is an impartial service, (we do not sell bikes) ensuring you get the best bike for you from the best source and at the price you want.

Knowing the frame and components you need means you can build your own bike from scratch to your own specifications or find and negotiate the best deal on a complete bike. Saving you money.

Once you have your new bike you can set up from the data provided by the Muve SL fit or bring it in to the University of Essex in Colchester or to Redbridge Cycling Centre in London for the fitter to set it up. At Redbridge you can try the bike out on the traffic free undulating circuit in London.



Our Bike Fitter

James Webster

BA (Hons), PGDip, PGCE

Certified Retul Bike Fitter -

James comes from a background in Physical Education that has included teaching and leading mountain bike sessions and expeditions. A keen triathlete, he has raced most of the UK's classics as well as Ironman New Zealand and Ironman UK events. James' working philosophy is to always deliver the highest standard of bike fit specifically for you.


With five years of experience, he has 100% positive feedback from his bike fitting clients.


Performance Feedback

The retul bike fit helped me knock 58 secs of my PB and hit my 2012 target 10.35m TT target. That’s impressive. Also I seem to be work more powerfully at a lower heart rate.
Marc Robinson

Thank-you very much again for carrying out the bike fit......I took 3 minutes or so off my time; always pleasing!
Hollie Laidlaw

My best 25 time last year was 58:54. The first 25TT this year on a very comparable course I did a 58:17.
Simon Carr

I used the Felt TT position for the first time in anger last weekend in the Sudbury hilly open TT, position felt superb I have to say. Got 3rd in a strong field so pleased with that.
Tom Stephenson

Got another win last night and position is really starting to bed in.
Phil Jarvis

Comfort and Injury
Reduction Feedback

Thanks very much for setting up the bikes, been out on my mountain bike this morning and already I can feel the difference in the seat height as much as applying power
James Smith

Done 50 miles this afternoon :) could not be better still in aero at the end of the ride no discomfort, could not be better wish I had it done before Fritton.
David Southgate

Many thanks – got slightly carried away and done about 100 miles over the weekend. Initial feedback – fast and comfortable!
Phil Curran
Scratch bike fit for new bike

Despite the conditions I finished both events strongly with no aches or pains to speak of. I'm very pleased I came to see you and the bike feels a whole lot better.
Stephen Barnes




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