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Bike Endurance Test

What is the testing protocol?

The bike endurance test starts at low intensity and builds the power continuously until your body reaches physiological exhaustion. During the test heart rate, oxygen uptake and blood lactate are all measured to give us the full picture of your individual physiology which helps you understand your fitness status, plan training more effectively, set heart rate and power training zones and monitor improvements. Watch the video below to see us in action.


Why book a test?

Elite coaches and athletes understand training at the right intensity and monitoring performance is essential if they want to reach peak performance. Using state of the art equipment and highly trained sport scientists a sport science test can provide you with all this information in order to take you to the next level.


Video showing a subject undergoing bike testing at the HPU

What will we identify from the test?

1.  Resting blood lactate
2.  Functional threshold
3.  Lactate threshold
4.  OBLA (Onset of blood lactate accumulation)
5.  Exercise training zone analysis (HR/Power)
6.  Peak aerobic speed
7.  Maximum heart rate
8.  Relative/absolute VO2max

9.  Gross efficiency
10. Metabolic efficiency point
11. Haemoglobin

Test feedback will be given via the HPU members site. For a preview please visit: and follow instructions under “Guest Login.”


Cycle testing in the lab

Testing is essential if you want to reach peak performance




Cycle Treadmill

Subject undergoing bike testing in the lab

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