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Marathon Package

Achieve your Marathon and ½ Marathon race goals with the HPU Marathon Package.

Here at the Human Performance Unit, we are using our combined expertise to provide you with the optimal preparation for your marathon performance. Whether you are a beginner training towards your first ever marathon, or an experienced runner aiming to lower your personal best, the Human Performance Unit will deliver a comprehensive package to optimise your performance.

After an initial day of athlete consultations and laboratory assessments, you will be invited to attend a marathon specific workshop. The workshop will include seminars from experts in prehabilitation, injury prevention, and sports nutrition, as well as an outdoor running session to fine tune your training zones in the lead up to race day.




Day One - Individual Assesments & Consultation

Part one of our marathon package includes individual laboratory assessments and a personal consultation to discuss your athletic goals. It will take place at the HPU and last approximately half a day.

Athlete Consultation
Prior to your assessments, you will sit down with our sports scientist and discuss your training history, current training and future goals.

Body Composition Assessment
An analysis of your body fat percentage and lean body mass provides valuable information from which recommendations can be made to optimise your body composition for endurance running performance.

Laboratory Running Assessment
An incremental treadmill test will help you understand your current level of fitness and physiological strengths and weaknesses. Results are used to establish individually specific training zones which dictate the intensity of training within your 12-week plan.

Fully Periodised 12-week marathon training plan
Receive a fully periodised 12 week training plan to guide you up to race day based upon your current ability and target time.



Day Two - Marathon Preparation Workshop

During part two of the HPU Marathon Package, we will take our knowledge outside and apply the insights gained from our laboratory tests in a marathon preparation workshop.


You will experience a three-part seminar series on injury prevention and rehabilitation, conditioning exercises, and nutritional strategies, as well as take part in an expert-led training session during which you will apply your laboratory data out in the field.

Time Activity
09:00 Welcome to the Human Performance Unit
Introduction to the days activities
09:15 Hydration assessment
Feedback and advice for competition
09:30 Training session involving on-site outdoor running Fine-tuning of your training zones
11:30 Shower and lunch
12:30 45-minute seminars: (delivered by certified professionals from the respective fields)
  • Injury prehabilitation
    Alasdair Jones Colchester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic
  • Conditioning exercises to improve running economy
    Justin Mills University of Essex UKSCA
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Nutritional strategies for marathon runners Chris McManus HPU Manager
15:00 Q&A session and wrap-up



Price of the two day package is:

£200.00 per athlete

How to Book
Please contact:
Human Performance Unit
T 01206 873290





Undergoing an anthropometry (body composition) test in the lab




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“the body composition assessments provided by the HPU are a valuable measure used to quantify the physical condition of our players thoughout different periods of the season... is always a pleasure to work with the HPU and have them collaborate with our teams conditioning programme”

Antonio Gomez
Fitness Coach,
Ipswich Town Football Club







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