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Most athletes understand the importance of good nutrition but very few of follow an optimal diet. Often this is due to being ill informed or confused by the vast amount of conflicting information we read in the press.

For all athletes getting the dietary intake right can mean performance gains, improved recovery and better racing, especially in endurance events like Ironman triathlon. Previous clients range from international and world ranked athletes to weekend warriors, from powerful track sprinters to ultra-endurance athletes.

We offer one-to-one consultations, nutritional analysis and club presentations, all delivered from an experienced sport nutritionist. The nutrition support services we offer include;


Nutrition Consultation

• Initial consultation (1 hour)
• Discussing nutritional strategies relative to training and competition needs.
• Individualized advice dependent upon personal goals
• Written report and feedback


3-day Food Diary Assessment

• Analysis of 3-day food diary highlighting macronutrient breakdown and timing of food intake.
• Written report and feedback – including daily requirements to support training and competition demand
• Example meal plans provided, designed around your training.


Key areas often discussed include;

• Timing of food intake
• Quantity and size of meals and individual macronutrient breakdown
• Optimal food sources relative to individual training programme
• Preparation and recovery strategies for before and during exercise
• Ideal hydration strategies
• Strategies to achieve weight loss
• Strategies to promote weight gain (lean muscle mass)
• Supplements – When and what?
    • Safe supplements
    • Optimal strategies
    •  Recommended products
• Advice for athletes with food intolerances i.e. gluten
• Nutrition for the travelling athlete

Additional services are available on request (i.e. club presentations, club hydration analysis.)


Please contact us to discuss further.


Runners dropping drinks during race

Knowing what your body needs is essential in endurance events


Cyclist taking a drink

Final preparation for a local evening 10

‘As a recreational athlete competing in multi sport events, Anna Wittekind reviewed my general diet and gave practical advice about changes I could make without impeding my training. In just five months I lost 4kg in weight, and I am now fitter and leaner than I have ever been. As a result I recently ran a PB in the Edinburgh marathon and had my most successful duathlon season to date.'

Tonya Antonis
Ipswich Harriers




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